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The Western Sahara, formerly Spanish Sahara, bounded by Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, and the Atlantic Ocean, is disputed territory. The inhabitants of this area travel under a variety of national documents, but the territory itself is neither an internationally recognized state nor a recognized part of another nation.

After Spain withdrew its protectorate, Morocco and Mauritania annexed portions of the territory, but guerrilla forces proclaimed the region independent. Mauritania has signed a peace treaty with the guerrillas, Morocco controls the main urban areas, and the guerrilla forces move freely in the sparsely populated deserts. A UN-sponsored self-determination vote has been repeatedly delayed.

Any questions on the citizenship status of people claiming citizenship of this territory should be directed to the following address:

CA/OCS/CCS/NEA U.S. Department of State West Africa Bureau, Room 3250 Washington, DC 20520

Telephone: 202-647-3407 Fax: 202-647-4855


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