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CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship is based upon the Citizenship Act of August 30, 1962 (Independence Day), and the revised Constitution, dated 1976. All persons who were granted citizenship at the time of Independence remained citizens under the 1976 Constitution. (UKC-Commonwealth Nation)

BY BIRTH: Child born in Trinidad and Tobago, on or after August 30, 1962, regardless of the nationality of the parents. The exception is a child born to foreign diplomatic personnel, neither of whom is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.

BY DESCENT: Child born abroad on or after August 30, 1962, either of whose parents are citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

REGISTRATION: The following are eligible for citizenship by registration:

Commonwealth citizens, citizens of Ireland, British Protected Persons (BPP), and foreign husbands of Trinidad and Tobagoan wives who are of good character, know English, have resided in the country for five years, and have renounced previous citizenship.

Foreign woman married prior to August 30, 1962, to a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, the marriage continuing to the present.

BY NATURALIZATION: Trinidad and Tobagoan citizenship may be acquired upon fulfillment of the following conditions: Person is of good character, knows English, has resided for eight years in the country, plans to continue to reside in Trinidad and Tobago and has renounced former citizenship. This applies to foreign husbands of Trinidad and Tobagoan wives not eligible for citizenship by registration.

DUAL CITIZENSHIP: RECOGNIZED. Beginning July 29, 1988, citizens by birth or descent are permitted to hold dual citizenship. Persons who lost or renounced citizenship before that date may reapply for their citizenship. Exception: Dual citizenship is not recognized in the case of naturalized or registered citizens.


VOLUNTARY: Voluntary renunciation of Trinidad and Tobagoan citizenship is permitted by law. Contact the Embassy for details and required paperwork.

INVOLUNTARY: The following are grounds for involuntary loss of Trinidad and Tobagoan citizenship by naturalization or registration: Citizenship was obtained through fraud or false statements. Person voluntarily acquires a foreign citizenship. Person continues to exercise the rights and privileges of a citizen of their former country.

ANY QUESTIONS concerning citizenship, or requests for renunciation of citizenship, should be directed to the address below:

Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Consular Section 1708 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington, DC 20036

Embassy/Consular Telephone: 202-467-6490 Fax: 202-785-3130


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