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TANZANIA (Formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar)

CITIZENSHIP: All laws are based upon the Tanzanian Citizenship Act No.6 of October 1995. (UKC-Commonwealth Nation)

BY BIRTH: Birth within the territory of Tanzania, either before or after independence, does not automatically confer citizenship.

BY DESCENT: Person Born before December 9, 1961:

Person living in Tanzania, who was either a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (UKC) or a British Protected Person (BPP) and at least one of whose parents was born in Tanzania.

Person born abroad, who was either a citizen of the UKC or a BPP and whose father was eligible for Tanzanian citizenship.

Person Born after December 9, 1961: Child born in Tanzania, at least one of whose parents is a citizen of Tanzania. Child born abroad, whose father is a citizen of Tanzania.

MARRIAGE: A foreign woman who marries a citizen of Tanzania may register for citizenship.

BY NATURALIZATION: Tanzanian citizenship may be acquired upon fulfillment of the following conditions: Person is 21 years old, has renounced former citizenship, and has resided in the country for at least five years.

DUAL CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. Exceptions: Tanzanian child born abroad who obtained the citizenship of the country of birth is allowed to retain the dual citizenship until age 21. Then, one citizenship must be chosen or Tanzanian citizenship will be revoked. Tanzanian who marries a foreign national and involuntarily acquires spouse's citizenship is allowed to retain Tanzanian citizenship.


VOLUNTARY: Voluntary renunciation of Tanzanian citizenship is permitted by law. Contact the Embassy for details and required paperwork.

INVOLUNTARY: The following is grounds for involuntary loss of Tanzanian citizenship: Person over age 21 voluntarily acquires foreign citizenship.

ANY QUESTIONS concerning citizenship, or requests for renunciation of citizenship, should be directed to the address below:

Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania balozi@tanzaniaembassy.org Consular Section www.tanzania_us.org 2139 R St., NW Washington, DC 20008

Embassy/Consular Telephone: 202-939-6125 or 202-884-1080 Fax: 202-797-7408

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