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CITIZENSHIP: Information on the basis for Syrian citizenship laws was not provided.

BY BIRTH: Birth within the territory of Syria does not automatically confer citizenship.

BY DESCENT: Child born of a Syrian father, regardless of the child's country of birth. Child born of a Syrian mother and an unknown or stateless father.

BY NATURALIZATION: Naturalized citizenship may only be acquired upon marriage to a Syrian citizen and by living in the country for over 10 years.

DUAL CITIZENSHIP: RECOGNIZED. Exception: Though Syrian law recognizes dual citizenship, it also states that a Syrian citizen with dual citizenship is considered a Syrian first.


VOLUNTARY: Though voluntary renunciation of Syrian citizenship is permitted by law, the Syrian Information Office stated that it is so complicated that it is best not to attempt the process. In effect, according to that Office, the process is complicated in order to discourage renunciation of Syrian citizenship. Former citizens of Syria probably maintain an unofficial dual citizenship status and would be subject to Syrian law as citizens should they return to Syria.

Exception: Persons of military service age are not permitted to renounce citizenship.

INVOLUNTARY: No information was provided.

ANY QUESTIONS concerning citizenship, or requests for renunciation of citizenship, should be directed to the address below:

Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic Consular Section 2215 Wyoming Ave., NW Washington, DC 20008

Embassy/Consular Telephone: 202-232-6313 Fax: 202-234-9548


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