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CITIZENSHIP: Slovenian citizenship is based on the Citizenship Act of June 25, 1991.

BY BIRTH: Child born in the Republic of Slovenia with at least one parent a citizen. Child born in the Republic of Slovenia with unknown parents, or parents with no citizenship.

BY DESCENT: Children born abroad to Slovenian citizens must meet the following requirements to be granted citizenship: Both parents must be citizens of Slovenia. One parent is unknown or has no citizenship, but the other parent is a citizen of Slovenia. Child must either be registered with appropriate authorities or return home to Slovenia as a permanent resident before the age of 18.

After age 18, a person who was not registered and is now considered a legal adult, can still obtain Slovenian citizenship by personally declaring for Slovenian citizenship before the age of 23.

BY NATURALIZATION: Slovenian citizenship can be acquired by fulfillment of the following conditions. Person must be at least 18 years old. Person must have lived in the Republic for at least 10 years, the most recent five years prior to the petition for citizenship without interruption. Descendants of Slovenian expatriates, up to the third generation, and foreign spouses of Slovenian citizens, need only reside for one year. Person must have an assured residence and means of support. Person must prove by examination a working knowledge of the Slovenian language. Person must have been released from previous citizenship or can prove that such a release will be granted if the person acquires citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia. The person has not been sentenced for a criminal offence anywhere for a prison term longer than one year. There must be no ban on the person's residence in the Republic of Slovenia. Acceptance into citizenship must present no threat to public order or the security and defense of the State. The person must have all tax duties paid. A Citizen of another republic who had permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia on December 23, 1990 may apply for citizenship.

DUAL CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. Exception: Slovenian expatriates who may had involuntarily fled the country, as well as their descendants, are the only categories of people in the dual citizenship category. This policy is now in flux; any questions regarding the possibility of dual citizenship should be directed to the Slovenian Consul.


VOLUNTARY: Renunciation of citizenship is permitted if the conditions listed below are met: Person is over 18 and lives in a foreign country. Person has no military service obligations. All debts and legal obligations have been satisfied. The person faces no pending criminal proceedings. Person has proof that foreign citizenship will be granted. If new citizenship is not adopted within one year, decree of dismissal may be cancelled.

Children (under 18) lose their citizenship upon the request of their parents. If the child is older than 14 years, the child must give their consent to the loss of citizenship. The petition for loss of citizenship can be rejected if the interests of the State take precedence.

INVOLUNTARY: A citizen of Slovenia, residing in a foreign country and in possession of foreign citizenship, may involuntarily be deprived of Slovenian citizenship if any of the following apply: The person is a member of any organization engaged in activities to overthrow the government of the Republic of Slovenia.

The person is a member of a foreign intelligence service jeopardizing the interests of the Republic, or harms such interests by serving under a government authority or organization of a foreign state.

If a person is frequently sentenced for criminal offences or prosecuted for public order offences. If a person declines to fulfil duties that are mandatory for a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia.

ANY QUESTIONS concerning citizenship, or requests for renunciation of citizenship, should be directed to the address below:

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia 1525 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington, DC 20036

Embassy Telephone: 202-667-5363 Fax: 202-667-4563


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