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CITIZENSHIP: Luxembourg citizenship is governed by the Law of January 1, 1987. This Law is based on the principle of descent (jus sanguinis).

BY BIRTH: Birth within the territory of Luxembourg does not automatically confer citizenship.

BY DESCENT: Child whose father or mother is a citizen of Luxembourg, regardless of the child's country of birth. Child born out of wedlock to a foreign mother and Luxembourger father is considered a citizen of Luxembourg if paternity is legally established.

BY NATURALIZATION: Application for Luxembourg citizenship through naturalization falls into two categories: Naturalization:

Citizenship granted through the Legislature requires a 10-year residency in Luxembourg as well as sufficient (unspecified) national assimilation.

Option Policy:

The Option is reserved for various categories of foreigners who have special ties with the country (birth within the territory, adoption, or marriage to a Luxembourg national). Citizenship is granted by declaration, subject to the approval of the Minister of Justice.

DUAL CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. Exception: Child born abroad to Luxembourg citizens, who acquires another citizenship due to laws in the country of birth. However, at the age of 18 a decision must be made of which nationality the individual wishes to maintain. Upon this decision, the other nationality must be renounced.


VOLUNTARY: Voluntary renunciation of Luxembourger citizenship must be done in the country. Persons living in Luxembourg make their declaration before a civil officer in their local area. In eight days the person will receive a certificate of renunciation. Four days later, the renunciation will be published in the Gazette, making it final. If the person resides out of the country, the declaration must be made in the capital, Luxembourg City, before a civil officer.

INVOLUNTARY: The following are grounds for involuntary loss of Luxembourger citizenship: Voluntary acquisition of a foreign citizenship. Grave crime against the State of Luxembourg (applies only to naturalized citizens).

ANY QUESTIONS concerning citizenship, or requests for renunciation of citizenship, should be directed to the address below:

Embassy of Luxembourg Consular Section 2200 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington, DC 20008

Embassy/Consular Telephone: 202-265-4171/72 Fax: 202-328-8270


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