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CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship laws are based upon the Icelandic Nationality Act, dated December 23, 1952, amended May 11, 1982, and June 12, 1998. Iceland maintains agreements with the Nordic Contracting States (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). Questions concerning these countries should bedirected to the appropriate Embassy.


Child born in wedlock of an Icelandic mother or father, regardless of the child's country of birth. Child born out of wedlock to an Icelandic woman, regardless of the child's country of birth. Child born out of wedlock by an unmarried mother who is a foreign national and the father is an Icelandic national and the paternity is established in accordance with Icelandic law.

BY NATURALIZATION: Icelandic Citizenship is granted by Parliament and the Ministry of Justice with various rules applied to people of different situations. For requirements, contact Icelandic Embassy. Some basic principles are these:

Residency of three to seven years depending on the person and their relationship to an Icelandic national. Person must have either a job or some means of support. Some who qualify for special consideration include members of the Nordic Contracting States, foreigners who marry Icelandic nationals, and former citizens of Iceland who have taken up domicile again.

DUAL CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. Exceptions: Child born to married parents of different nationalities, one being Icelandic and the other a foreigner. A naturalized person is not required to renounce their former citizenship.

LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP: Information was not provided.

ANY QUESTIONS concerning citizenship, or requests for renunciation of citizenship, should be directed to the address below:

The Embassy of Iceland Consular Section 2022 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington, DC 20008

Embassy/Consular Telephone: 202-265-6653/54/55 Fax: 202-265-6656



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