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CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship law for the Republic of Fiji is based on the 1997 Federal Constitution. All those who were citizens before October 1987 retain their citizenship.

BY BIRTH: Child born within the territory of Fiji, with at least one parent being a citizen of Fiji.

BY DESCENT: Child born outside the territory of Fiji, with the father being a citizen of Fiji.

BY REGISTRATION: Citizenship may be granted by registration for the following persons: Any woman who has been married to a citizen of Fiji. Every person (age 21 or older) who was born outside Fiji, one of whose grandparents was a citizen of Fiji. Children adopted by citizens of Fiji.

BY NATURALIZATION: Fijian citizenship can be applied for upon fulfillment of one of the following conditions: Person must have resided in Fiji for a continuous period of five years. Person must have resided in Fiji for a continuous period of 12 months, and over a 10 year period, have resided in Fiji for an aggregate of at least five years.

DUAL CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. Exception: Dual citizenship obtained due to birth abroad may be retained up to 21 years of age. Upon reaching age of majority, foreign citizenship must be renounced within 12 months. If other citizenship is not renounced, Fijian citizenship is revoked at the end of 12 months.


VOLUNTARY: Right to voluntarily renounce citizenship has been granted by parliament.

INVOLUNTARY: Parliament has the right to revoke the citizenship of any naturalized citizen. In the case of native-born Fijians, citizenship can be involuntarily revoked for the following reasons: Person voluntarily acquires foreign citizenship. For the dual citizenship exception, when foreign citizenship is not renounced before 22nd birthday.

ANY QUESTIONS concerning citizenship, or requests for renunciation of citizenship, should be directed to the address below:

Embassy of the Republic of Fiji 2233 Wisconsin Ave., NW STE 240 Washington, DC 20007

Embassy Telephone: 202-337-8320 Fax: 202-337-1996


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