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CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship laws are based upon the Constitution of Armenia dated July 5, 1995, and the Citizenship Law dated November 26, 1995.

BY RECOGNITION: Citizens of the former SSR-Armenia living permanently in the Republic of Armenia who have not acquired citizenship in another country.

People having no citizenship and living permanently in the Republic of Armenia during the 3 years before the present law came into effect, or citizens of the former USSR who apply for citizenship.

Citizens of the former SSR-Armenia who have lived abroad since September 21, 1991, have not acquired citizenship of another country, are who were registered in the Consulate before the present law came into effect.

BY BIRTH: A child, one of whose parents is a citizen and the other is unknown or a person having no citizenship, acquires citizenship of the Republic of Armenia.

The citizenship of a child, one of whose parents is an Armenian citizen and one a foreign citizen, will be decided by the written agreement of both parents. In the absence of agreement, the child acquires Armenian citizenship or no citizenship at all.

BY DESCENT: Child whose parents are both citizens of Armenia is a citizen regardless of birthplace. A child under 14 years old, whose parents acquire the citizenship of Armenia, acquires citizenship as well. A child adopted by citizens of the Republic of Armenia acquires Armenian citizenship.

BY NATURALIZATION: Armenian citizenship may be acquired upon fulfillment of the following conditions: Person must be 18 years old. Person must have lived in Armenia for the last 3 years prior to application. Person must be able to communicate in Armenian. Person must be familiar with the Constitution of Armenia.

Exceptions to these conditions are granted for the following people: A person who has married a citizen, or has a child, father, or mother who is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia. A person whose parents are citizens, or was born in Armenia, and who within 3 years of their 18th birthday applies for Armenian citizenship. A person who is Armenian by birth and has taken residence in the Republic of

Armenia. A person may resume their renounced citizenship through application. Collective acquisition of citizenship is possible according to a decree of the President of the Republic.




A citizen may voluntarily change their citizenship except when under criminal investigation, if a court verdict will be issued concerning them, if giving up citizenship interferes with the interests of national security, or if the person has unfulfilled duties connected with the interests of the state, enterprises, organizations, or citizens.

A child under 14, whose parents' citizenship is renounced, loses citizenship if the child then acquires citizenship of another country. In a case when parents have changed their citizenship, a child 14 to18 years old must consent to the same change in their own citizenship.

INVOLUNTARY: Citizen has lived abroad for the past seven years, has failed to register at the consulate. Citizenship acquired citizenship by breaking the law, using false references, or false documents.

ANY QUESTIONS concerning citizenship, or requests for renunciation of citizenship, should be directed to the address below:

The Embassy of the Republic of Armenia Consular Section 2225 R Street, NW Washington, DC 20008

Embassy/Consular Telephone: 202-319-1976 Fax: 202-319-2982


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